Witchmaster Trücizna

If you want a speedy, raw thrash/black record to rock out to, Trücizna is just the ticket. This Polish quartet have "underground" written all over them and wear the label well; their sound is not original, but it is a convincing throwback. Or, rather, since they've existed in one form or another since the mid-'90s, their style has remained somewhat constant, complete with charmingly rough production. Though evidently a very tight ensemble, they manage to create an air of informality and abandon that would be an absolute blast in a live setting. On CD, however, it tends to be a little frustrating ― one feels Witchmaster aren't being experienced correctly. There's little variation amongst songs, leading to some definite yawns, but thankfully the half-hour record ends before it can get truly boring. Trücizna is a worthwhile album for times when you need to pretend you're in a mosh pit instead of in your cubicle. (Time Before Time)