Witchery Dead, Hot and Ready

If there ever is to be a modern metal band with the ability to appeal to all the different sub-genres of metal, Sweden’s Witchery may be that band. Taking equal influences from death, thrash and classic ‘80s metal these Swedes have all the goods and have quickly risen from being virtually unknown last summer to becoming the toast of the underground metal circuit. Led by the swirling dual lead guitars of Richard Corpse and Jensen (also of Haunted and Seance fame), Witchery have a sound similar to old Judas Priest or Iron Maiden — lots of killer guitar riffs and well structured songs — without hesitating to incorporate newer elements into the music when they deem it necessary. The singing style of vocalist Toxine is probably the most unique part of the band. A mixture of Cradle of Filth’s Dani with the delivery style of ex-Judas Priest front man Rob Halford, Toxine has an unmistakable style that helps these ten new tracks rise to the top of the heap. (Necropolis)