Witch Prophet Found a Benign Growth in Her Brain Causing Chronic Seizures: "I Truly Am a Witch"

An MRI found "a growth on my pituitary gland that was pushing on my optic nerve and causing hormonal imbalances"

BY Ben OkazawaPublished Dec 4, 2023

Witch Prophet has revealed that a non-cancerous growth in her brain was causing the frequent seizures and other symptoms of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy that she explored on her latest album, Gateway Experience

She released an in-depth statement on Instagram this weekend detailing her years-long mission to pinpoint the source of her health issues. 

"For over a decade I've been telling any doctor that would listen about these strange episodes that happen to me. Trying to explain a sensation that seemed otherworldly, confusing and magical without sounding 'crazy,'" she wrote. "For over a decade I researched and found other people having the same symptoms as me. I learned the proper vocabulary to use when describing the sensations I was feeling and I continuously advocated for my health. I went to specialist after specialist. Took numerous tests that always seemed to come back negative until one day in 2021 I noticed my left eye was getting increasingly blurry." 

The Toronto-based artist finally got an MRI this spring that showed "a growth on my pituitary gland that was pushing on my optic nerve and causing hormonal imbalances that were possibly also the reasons for my seizures."

After revealing that she underwent a successful surgery to remove the growth on November 29, Witch Prophet went on to denounce the doctors who dismissed her concerns for so long. 

"A decade. It took a decade for the medical industry to believe me when I said something was wrong," she wrote. "This is your sign, you know your body best. If something seems off, keep advocating for yourself. It's better to get help. Don't let fear of the unknown stop you." 

She concluded by urging fans to keep her journey in mind when listening to Gateway Experience and said that it further cemented her belief in her spirituality. 

"Now that you know what I've been through, go back [and] truly listen to my album Gateway Experience.
I've never been so sure of my magic until now. I truly am a witch."

Check out her full statement below. 

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