Winnipeg's Kris Ulrich Announces New Album 'Big in the USA,' Shares Title Track

Ulrich's sophomore full-length arrives March 31

BY Kaelen BellPublished Jan 30, 2023

Kris Ulrich has announced his sophomore full-length Big in the USA, the follow-up to 2021's Pacific Central. It's arriving March 31 on Birthday Cake Records, and he's previewing it today with the shimmering title track. 

"Big in the USA" follows previously shared single and album opener "Friends on the Internet," and it's another slice of warm, golden-hour rock. In a statement about the track, Ulrich said:

I wrote this song as a way to talk openly with myself about my insecurities surrounding an artist career. It can be so easy to lose the meaning of why you make art amidst all the noise, both internal and external, that comes when you commodify it. The last verse is a reminder to myself about why I started making music in the first place.

Big in the USA was recorded and co-produced by Ulrich and fellow Winnipegger Boy Golden. "These songs were born from a feeling that I wouldn't ever make anything again," Ulrich said about the record in a press release. "But they ended up leaving me with the clearest vision I've ever had for my music. It represents a shift in my relationship to production, guitar and songwriting." 

Check out the Adam Kelly-shot video for "Big in the USA" and see the album's tracklist below. 

Big in the USA:

1. Friends on the Internet
2. Never Too Late
3. Big in the USA
4. 1994
5. Lucky
6. Things Are Changing
7. Don't Think About It
8. Here in My Mind
9. It's Okay
10. You've Got to Be Patient

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