Gateway Restaurant & Bar, Calgary AB, February 28

Photo: Chris Gee

BY Anna AlgerPublished Feb 28, 2016

It was a significant night for local psych pop band, Windigo, the last featuring bassist Jen Severtson and guitarist Barry Mason. However, the current lineup went out with a bang, playfully engaging with the audience and crafting danceable, ingenious tracks unlike anything else on the Calgary scene.
The band started off their set building a highly rhythmic groove, tense and anticipatory. Performing tracks from 2015's The Disco EP, such as "Disco" and "Specks of Dust," the band got the audience singing along, hanging on every word of guitarist Mason's banter in particular. Mason, bassist Severtson, and guitarist Anthony Kameka fronted the group in unison, their individual voices drawing together in joyful harmony and back apart organically. Drummer Mitchell Cooper's affinity for the cowbell and intricate rhythms kept the audience on their toes, the music continually inviting dance.
Mason favoured psychedelic distortion, his theatricality highly entertaining, while playful guitar hooks came courtesy of Kameka. The band's taut indie pop and unrelenting rhythms made for an incredibly fun performance for those onstage and off, ending this chapter of the band's career through celebration.

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