Willow Smith

"F Q-C #7" (video)

BY Gregory AdamsPublished May 7, 2015

Having moved past her hair-whippin' days, Willow Smith is currently all about skipping classes and going on spirit journeys these days, or at least that's how she's explaining it in her conscious-expanding new single, "F Q-C #7.″ 

A new video for the post-modern R&B track finds a face-painted Smith crouched by riverbeds and walking through grassy plains to explain how she's opted to bounce from a school setting to get in touch with her spirituality in great outdoors. Despite the self-produced single's herky-jerk clank and bapped-out xylophone, there's an overall tranquility to the tune.

Visually, we enter a multiplicity-type scenario with various Willow's jamming on sampler pads and drum kits, or belting out the hooks. According to a note she sent to Fader, the colour-coded clones represent her various chakras.

Toss an amethyst crystal 'neath your pillow tonight, as Smith suggests, but stream the super-connected "F Q-C #7″ right now.

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