Will.I.Am The Exclaim! Questionnaire

Will.I.Am The Exclaim! Questionnaire
Will.I.Am is a member of Black Eyed Peas, and a solo artist currently promoting his solo debut, Lost Change, on BBE.

Current fixations:

My current fixation, isn't really current. It's music, and the production of it. I love just siting in my studio in front of my equipment and thinking how powerful it all is. To be able to make shit that potentially has the capabilities to change someone's life and views for the better. That's my fixation.

Mind-altering work of art:

Stereolab's Dots and Loops; it came out four years ago, and it's still got me jaw dropped. And The Matrix.

Most memorable or inspirational gig and why?

Show in Hamburg, Germany. Played for three hours, and I staged dived. Actually balcony dived into the audience from the second floor.

What has been your career high and low?

Every moment is a high, even though it may not go my way. I learn from the so-called low points and make them a high, to be able to survive it.

What should everyone shut up about?

America's new war. Government should jut tell the truth. Red Cross, and other motherfuckers need to stop collecting relief funds for "victims of 9/11."

I would drop everything to play a benefit for:

The freeing of minds. I would love to do a benefit for that. Problem is people aren't even aware of it.

What trait do you like and dislike most about yourself?

I like my intuition.

What would make you kick someone out of your band and/or bed, and have you?

Never kick no one out of anything is my steelo. I'll leave, I don't mind leaving my own bed, and getting into another. But anybody I really care about, I wouldn't kick out of my bed, no matter how mad I was. I'll just leave.

When I think of Canada I think:

I think of hot chix, three cities (Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver), hockey, Esthero, Alantis Morshead, and maple leaves.

What is your vital daily ritual?

Making music.

How do you spoil yourself?

I don't spoil myself. Chix spoil me. Well, maybe I do with music equipment.

What was your most memorable day job?

Never had a job. I was blessed with a recording deal while in high school (Ruthless records) and a family that supported me even though they was hella broke with the little money they had if I really needed it. Basically I know how to live off love.

If I wasn't playing music I would be:

Trying to… or a scientist, preacher, or spiritual leader of some sort (which basically is a musician/entertainer anyway).

What is your greatest fear?

To let fear in me, and actually acknowledge it.

If you had a superpower, what would it be?

To use 100 percent of my mental capacity. Basically being able to have my soul control my mind, and not my mind controlling my body with my spirit in the passenger seat.

What makes you want to take it off and get it on?

Titties, ass, lips, and eyes, in no particular order. But that's me reacting to physical attractions.

Music and sex: Is there a difference? Why?

Like two hands, I could be fine with just one, but both is heaven.

Strangest brush with celebrity:

I ain't never brushed my hair, or no star's wig either. I ain't no stylist or make up artist.

Who would be your ideal dinner guest, living or dead, and what would you serve them?

Who would be your ideal dinner guest, living or dead, and what would you serve them?

Penelope Cruz. I would serve her hot sex on a platter.

What does your mom wish you were doing instead?

Doing just this. Doing what I love. She helped me get here, but she also hopes I grow to be a strong human, and lead people out of this mental slumber, including myself.