Willi Williams Reggae Can't Done

Willi Williams could be seen as a one hit wonder; he's best known for the song "Armagideon Time," most famously covered by the Clash, and little else. That is a huge disservice, as Williams has been producing first-rate roots-reggae for over 40 years. Reggae Can't Done is a solid addition to his catalogue and finds the 70-year-old singer in great form. Plus, he's got some reggae royalty backing him up, including "Rhythm Twins" Sly Dundar and Robbie Shakespeare, "Queen of Reggae" Marcia Griffiths, late keyboard wiz Jackie Mittoo and others. The album kicks off with "One More," featuring Tijuana Brass head honcho Herb Albert adding some tasteful horn licks to a roots- and dub-based groove. Elsewhere, Williams employs synths and drum machines on "New Day," which he's been dabbling with since experimenting with the Sleng Teng rhythm in the '80s. The title track contains his mission statement: "Some people think reggae music would fade away/but the reggae can't done." If he continues to create solid offerings like this, the genre is far from done. (Drum Street)