Will Oldham's Palace Gets Reissue Treatment

Will Oldham's Palace Gets Reissue Treatment
Croak-croon folksmith Will Oldham generally offers up a few different records a year under his Bonnie "Prince" Billy guise, but Domino Records plans to pump the musician's prolific output pretty hard next year via reissues of his early Palace project.

A press release from the label explains that it will be rereleasing five Palace records: 1993's There Is No One What Will Take Care of You, 1994's Days in the Wake and Hope, 1995's Viva Last Blues, and the 1997 odds 'n' sods set Lost Blues and Other Songs. They'll all arrive February 27 in the UK, but it's unclear at this point if the reissues will get a North American release.

Each of the albums will be repressed on vinyl, and presented on CD in a "mini LP style pack," save for Lost Blues and Other Songs, which will comes as a mini-gatefold card CD pack and on double-gatefold vinyl. The reissues will also feature new artwork and liner notes written by Oldham.

The revolving roster of the project meant their moniker, just like their sound, evolved over the years, with some albums being credited to variations such as Palace, Palace Brothers and Palace Music. What is consistent, however, is the rustic, Americana-slant of Oldham's songwriting, not to mention his backwoods warble.

Of the name-and-member-based switchups, Oldham once remarked: "Well, I guess the idea is that when you have a name of a group or an artist, then you expect that the next record, if it has the same name, should be the same group of people playing on it. And I just thought we were making a different kind of record each time, with different people, and different themes, and different sounds. So I thought it was important to call it something different so that people would be aware of the differences."