Wild Flag "Electric Band" (video)

Wild Flag 'Electric Band' (video)
Via spiralling guitar licks, Janet Weiss's pounded-down drum rhythms and an impressively "acrobatic" stage show, we're already aware of how energetic Wild Flag can be, but up until now we had no idea how sport-minded the supergroup actually was. The quartet's new clip for the poppy, Mary Timony-sung "Electric Band," off their recently released self-titled debut, finds them taking to the baseball diamond with the same fervour they do the stage.

Decked out in '70s sports gear, the group are seen challenging ursine all-star squad the Bears, with Weiss owning the pitcher's mound. Regrettably, the percussionist mostly hucks clunkers. One grizzly nearly socks a dinger right out of the park, but Timony saves the day, nabbing the ball with a backhanded catch deep in the outfield.

You can check out the game highlights, scored by Wild Flag's ESPN-ready rocker, below.