Wild Beasts "Wanderlust" (Factory Floor remix)

Wild Beasts 'Wanderlust' (Factory Floor remix)
We're still talking about Wild Beasts' album Present Tense in the future tense since it isn't out until February 25 (via Domino), but Factory Floor are tiding us over by remixing the British art rock band's single "Wanderlust."

Factory Floor are very liberal in their interpretation of the track, since the remix bears little resemblance to the original. In place of the song's cinematic pulse and warbling harmonies, this remix strips it down to a sparse beat, some squelchy electronics and a few processed vocal snippets.

This remix will appear on the band's "Wanderlust" single, and on a bonus 12-inch along with deluxe copies of the album. A remix by the Field will also be included.