Whitney K "Good Night" (video)

Whitney K 'Good Night' (video)
A few weeks back, Vancouver art punk band Other Jesus scored a West Coast disaster scene from the top of a rooftop in their video for "Modern Art." Strange happenings were going on elsewhere, though, as evidenced by the shackled bromance on display in the clip for Whitney K.'s "Good Night."

A brief bit of the storyline had been revealed in Other Jesus' clip, where a pair of rogue officers tackled, cuffed and ditched a guy by a chainlink fence. Without spoiling too much, the video supporting Whitney K.'s country-touched ballad finds the targeted urbanite trying to get home in handcuffs and a newly acquired cowboy hat, meeting a friendly, smoking skateboarder along the way.

Directed by Dr. Cool, you'll find this next chapter in the ongoing saga down below.

Whitney K. is expected to release a tape later in 2016.