Whitey Whitey

Whitey play horn-infused, balls out rock’n’roll reminiscent of bands like New Bomb Turks or the Humpers. What’s great about this EP is that it avoids many of the trappings that come from combining rock music with a horn section. Where many bands sound like they are simply adding horns overtop the music, Whitey actually employ them as unique and integral instruments, which means they don’t come off as sounding forced. The EP flows from straight-out rock numbers to the more grooving tracks, like "So Distracted.” Whitey are a band that know how to play their instruments; the guitars often bring to mind ’70s era stadium rock, while the bass and drums hold down an almost dub/funk sound. Add that rockin’ horn section and you’ve got yourself a pretty good recipe for a solid album. (Kill The Resistor)