The White Stripes Reissue 'Elephant'-Era Singles Via New Subscription Package

The White Stripes Reissue 'Elephant'-Era Singles Via New Subscription Package
Third Man Records' Vault subscription series has previously given fans a wealth of Jack White-related rarities, and the next members-only package will be no exception. For this package — the 19th of its kind the label has issued — the White Stripes will be reissuing four 7-inches from their classic 2003 album Elephant.

This is slightly different from a standard Vault package in that it doesn't include an LP or any items other than 7-inches. The four singles are: "Seven Nation Army" (backed with a cover of Brendan Benson's "Good to Me"), "I Just Don't Know What to Do with Myself" (with a cover of Blanche's "Who's to Say..."), "The Hardest Button to Button" (with a cover of the Soledad Brothers' "St. Ides of March") and "There's No Home for You Here" (with a live-in-studio medley of "I Fought Piranhas" and "Let's Build a Home").

These are pressed on clear vinyl that have flecks of either red, white or black — or, in the case of "There's No Home for You Here," all three colours. That single also has all-new artwork. The label notes that the sleeves were made with a process called "soft touch aqueous coating," which makes them feel "like a hybrid between rubber and lambskin."

The four singles will be housed in a so-called "telescoping box." See what it all looks like above.

These four singles will be released individually to the public on black vinyl later in 2014. The coloured vinyl and box are unique to the Vault.

The sign-up deadline for this package is January 31. It's available to purchase here.