White Lung Olympic Plaza, Calgary AB, June 21

White Lung Olympic Plaza, Calgary AB, June 21
Photo: Megan Cole
Her bleached hair getting a royal singe from the first real sun Sled Island's main stage had seen all weekend, White Lung singer Mish Way was not a happy camper for the band's second show at the festival as she chewed out, yep, the sun. More suited for a dark club at 1 a.m., Way and the rest of her band channelled their apparent 5:30 p.m. crankiness straight into the jagged songs off their new album, Deep Fantasy.

Fuelled by the chaotic guitar work of Kenneth William, whose face-slapping majesty on the album sounded even better live, White Lung found their bearings in that pesky sun and managed to salvage their set, even after an awkward mid-song pause for technical difficulties, which got Way even more rattled. Launching into "Just for You," another piece of William's patented guitar magic, Way screamed the chorus towards that big hot ball in the sky. It was an off set from a band that always seems on the brink of self-implosion when they play these outdoor shows. But, how about those new songs live? So good.

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