White Hassle Life is Still Sweet

Railroad Jerk members Marcellus Hall and Dave Varenka join Matt Oliverio for the band's first outing as a trio, following up 1997's National Fence album. This EP features a different mix of sounds that often works, but sometimes comes up a bit short. The group use harmonica and pots and pans frequently, giving them a sound that resembles Blues Explosion jams or the fried recordings of Doo Rag. Turntables pop up here and there and don't really do justice to the songs, sounding a tad too ridiculous on the opening track, "Watertank." White Hassle saves the best for last on this recording; following up an Everly Brothers cover ("Let It Be Me") with swampy noodling ("2 Fingers Cross'd") and a great delta-style blues jam where the pots and pans take over (Orange)