White Ash Falls "When She Rides" (video)

White Ash Falls 'When She Rides' (video)
Judging by the hog-riding video for White Ash Falls' Over the Night single "When She Rides," you can get up to all sorts of spirit-freeing activity on a road trip to the cemetery.

While the video includes some swirling, tracers-inducing psychedelic performance footage from Andy Bishop and the rest of the band — not to mention an additional hip-shaker — the clip also puts its focus on a pair making their way down a pastoral highway by motorcycle. Their trip soon brings them to a tombstone setting for a drug picnic, the lovers each taking a dip of from a crinkly slip of tinfoil, and then they run around the grounds for a bit before heading back home.

What they experienced, we may never know, but you can gaze upon their adventure in the canyon country-styled rocker's new video down below.