White Reaper Rhythm Section Leaves Band

After drummer Nick Wilkerson announced his departure, his bassist brother Sam followed suit

Photo: Rob Loud

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Jun 27, 2024

Nick Wilkerson, founding drummer for Kentucky garage rockers White Reaper, has announced his departure from the band.

UPDATE (6/27, 9:23 a.m. ET): Wilkerson's twin brother, bassist Sam Wilkerson, has also left White Reaper.

"Despite my attempts to remedy the tension I've felt, I feel it is in my best interest to pursue other opportunities," Sam wrote in an Instagram statement of his own. "I am sad to see my time in this band end, however it would be unfair to myself and others to stay in something I feel unheard in. I really love my boys but I have grown apart from them."

The musician took to Instagram today to share the news in a statement, writing simply, "I have left my band White Reaper (for now)."

In an additional slide of a carousel post, he continued, "It has been an easy decision for me because I have been creatively unsatisfied with the project for several years. The hard part is thinking about life without touring with my best friends and literal brothers. I have said it so many times to my close ones, but all of my dreams came true in this band, and I owe it all to [frontman] Tony [Esposito] & co. These guys will be my best friends forever." 

Wilkerson's twin brother, Sam, is the White Reaper bassist, with keyboardist Ryan Hater and guitarist Hunter Thompson rounding out the group, which formed in 2012. They released their fourth studio album, Asking for a Ride, in 2023, and have toured with the likes of Weezer and Pearl Jam in recent years.

"To all of the incredible people who I've met along the way — thank you for being a light in my life," Wilkerson added. "To the people who have given the band support, you have made it worth getting out of bed every morning for 10+ years. Feel free to follow me on whatever journey I end up on."

See the drummer's Instagram post below.

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