The Whiskey Dicks Get ‘er Done!

If Gogol Bordello and the Corb Lund Band got drunk, hooked up and then nine months later popped out a little whippersnapper, that baby would probably be the Whiskey Dicks. That is to say this BC-by-way-of-Whitehorse band combine various elements of country, rock and gypsy music and filter them through punk sensibilities and a rowdy disposition. The band create an interesting atmosphere on tracks like "Tamlynn’s Dizzle” and "Back in ’86,” where cello and fiddle intertwine with the more traditional rock instruments (the former actually features a pretty sick hip-hop breakdown). There’s also a re-imagined cover of Chumbawumba’s "Tub Thumping,” which is fun as hell. Overall, this is an entertaining disc of drinking/party songs created by some seriously talented musicians that will have you singing along before you know it. (Independent)