The Wheat Pool's Mike Angus Announces Solo Debut

The Wheat Pool's Mike Angus Announces Solo Debut
Edmonton's darkest country band the Wheat Pool wowed us with their 2009 album Hauntario. While we're still waiting on a proper follow-up, bassist and vocalist Mike Angus has stepped out with his own debut solo album.

The record is called Hymns, and a press release explains that the songs were written in Italy while Angus was living in a Tuscan farmhouse. That focused period allowed him to write the songs exactly how he wanted to hear them.

"I think the strength of the Wheat Pool is the obvious collaborative energy of four guys writing together, and that's exciting," Angus said in a statement. "What was exciting about these songs was knowing they'd end up on a solo record, so I could focus on my strengths and what I bring to the band, all the while having the freedom to flesh the songs out exactly how I was hearing them in my head."

Hymns will be available on July 19 via Shameless. Album track "Swallow It Whole" can be streamed below.


 1. "Be There (You Won't)"

2. "Oh Rodeo!"

3. "Swallow It Whole"

4. "Italy"

5. "Scaffold Christ"

6. "Gsus Minor"

7. "Cold, Cold Ground"

8. "What Does It Mean?"

Mike Angus - Swallow It Whole by killbeatmusic