What Wishes Can't Mend The Insomniac Diaries

What Wishes Can't Mend's debut for Canadian heavyweight Goodfellow, The Insomniac Diaries, is an incredibly overwhelming, violently heavy and overcast onslaught of metallic hardcore. Like many in the underground, What Wishes Can't Mend draws from a broader pool of influences than simply metallic hardcore to create a malicious and excellent release. Elements of Gothenburg-inspired melodic thrash, death/grind-influenced riffing, noise/breakdown/freak-out dirges that would make Coalesce proud, melodic harmonised leads, the odd Slayer homage, some fleeting unorthodox Candiria/Dillinger-ish noodling and technically precise yet heavy playing are all present. Obviously it is a style gaining increased popularity every day, but What Wishes Can't Mend destroy with it. Comparisons to contemporaries From Autumn To Ashes (but completely devoid of FATA's emo bent) are not without merit - in their use of metal's spectrum of sounds - but What Wishes Can't Mend are unrepentant in their rage. There are also moments where What Wishes Can't Mend's technical melange momentarily recalls Drowningman's kill-crazy rampage ("Fate Is Nothing More Than An Uncoordinated Dancer"), although vocalist Corey DiGiacomo contrasts his ferocious screams with spoken segments instead of singing. Visually and, at times, musically reminiscent of Carcass's Heartwork endeavour, Goodfellow has another excellent offering here. (Goodfellow)