Daft Punk Might Be Returning to Soundtrack 'Tron 3'

BY Brock ThiessenPublished Jul 8, 2020

It appears we will be getting Tron 3 and, along with it, a new Daft Punk soundtrack.

While the project is still in the very early stages, the head of Disney's soundtrack department has revealed that the company is again courting Daft Punk to craft the music to the follow-up to Tron: Legacy. Of course, the French duo did the soundtrack for Joseph Kosinki's 2010 film, so it would make perfect sense to bring them back onboard for another sequel.

Mitchell Leib, Walt Disney Studios' president of music & soundtracks, broke the news to the "Light the Fuse" podcast [via NME], saying he has already had meetings with Daft Punk's manager Paul Hahn.

"We're looking at making a sequel to Tron [Legacy] now. We're making a Tron 3," Leib said, adding that the script was already completed. "[It's] a really phenomenal script that we're very excited about."

He then added, "The right and first thing to do is to bring Daft Punk back and see if they want to [return]… We don't even know who will be directing yet. We're hopeful that Joe Kosinski will come back and do another one. A lot of things gotta fall into the right places."

Tron 3 is the latest tentative soundtrack project to be tied to Daft Punk, as Italian director Dario Argento also recently said he was trying to get the French duo to helm a soundtrack for his upcoming film.

So far, though, Daft Punk has not officially signed on for either project, meaning you'll want to start crossing those robot fingers extra hard.

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