Dario Argento Insists He's Still Negotiating with Daft Punk to Score His Film

"They haven't denied it. It was their record label"

Dario Argento photo via Filmfestival Linz

BY Brock ThiessenPublished May 6, 2020

If you were disappointed to hear Daft Punk may not be working with Dario Argento on his next project after all, the giallo film master has now clarified things, saying he is still negotiating with the French duo to do the soundtrack to his upcoming film.

To refresh your memory, Argento recently spoke with Repubblica, telling the Italian publication that Daft Punk were scoring his next film Occhiali Neri (or, in English, Black Glasses). Shortly after that, though, his producers shot down the idea, saying, "There has been no agreement nor discussions between both parties."

Argento has now attempted to clarify things, saying Daft Punk could still be involved in Occhiali Neri. Speaking to Un Giorno da Pecora on Rai Radio 1 today, Argento brought up the Occhiali Neri soundtrack once more, as well as the claims Daft Punk actually were not going to be involved.

"They haven't denied it. It was their record label, which I had not talked to. I only spoke to the Daft Punk ,and they called be back," Argento told the Italian radio program.

When asked directly by Un Giorno da Pecora if Daft Punk would be doing the Occhiali Neri soundtrack, Argento replied, "It will be up to the record label to decide whether to accept or not. Maybe they are thinking about money matters, I don't know."

So while nothing is certain at this point, Argento is making it very clear that he indeed wants Daft Punk involved with his project.

Speaking further of Occhiali Neri, Argento told the radio hosts, "I think I will be shooting my new movie Occhiali Neri (Black Glasses) by late August and it will be set in and around Rome. The screenplay won't change: we will be using the script written before the coronavirus epidemic."

So far, it's unclear when the film might actually see release, but it is expected to go into production later this year and star the director's daughter, Asia Argento

Dario Argento last released a film in 2012 with his Dracula 3D. As previously reported, he also talked about a Netflix project in 2019 called Longinus, which was described as a episodic drama. So far, though, no further details have been revealed.

Down below, you can watch his interview with Un Giorno da Pecora. Argento appears near the end of the program, though the entire interview is in Italian.

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