Weezer Are Releasing Their Very Own Robot Vacuum

Meet the Wroomba (the w is silent)
Weezer Are Releasing Their Very Own Robot Vacuum
Weezer have made more than a few wacky merch items in their many years, but the band might have just topped themselves. After all, Weezer have just released their very own robot vacuum — yes, a robot vacuum.

Weezer have introduced us to the Wroomba, and the house-cleaning tech is totally legit. It was made by iRobot and is a proper Roomba i7, though with a pretty sick CDR-styled Weezer skin. And just in case you were wondering, the W is silent.

To help show off the Wroomba, Weezer have uploaded a pretty jokey new promo video, which you can watch below. As it proudly declares, "Studies show that 9/10 humans have dreams of Weezer cleaning their house but it simply wasn't possible until now..."

By the looks of things, though, the Wroomba is very limited. The product's newly launched site states only five lucky people will be able to win the device. So if you want one, you better enter to win over here.

The vacuum comes as Weezer go about supporting their recent album OK Human, as well as their upcoming record Van Weezer, which arrives on May 7.