The Weekend Teaser + Bonus Level

If it seems like you’ve heard this one before, that’s because you probably have. As the title suggests, this latest domestic release from the power-pop pride of London, ON combines tracks from 2002’s Teaser EP with new material, including a pair of brand new songs, a couple of rerecorded numbers and the studio rendition of the band’s obvious but crowd-pleasing cover of Loverboy’s "Working for the Weekend.” (Additionally, a not-so-well hidden 11th track owes a debt of influence to Springsteen’s "Born to Run.”) Produced by Marcy Playground front-man John Wozniak, the new tracks present a more moody, slightly heavier side of the band — a fact that may be attributed to a line-up change involving the departure of founding bassist Lorien Jones and the subsequent addition of Matt Beckett. (Those keeping score at home will notice that leaves vocalist Andrea Wasse as the lone lady in the formerly gender-balanced band.) Though partly a retread effort, the release of Teaser + Bonus Level serves as a bit of a catch-up exercise after the band released a similar mix of new and older songs called Kiss Kiss via Japanese imprint Imperial Records and Australia’s Chatterbox label last summer and fall, respectively. While fans here at home would no doubt appreciate something more than another teaser, The Weekend appears to be holding out hope the music biz powers that be who missed the group’s commercial radio-ready tracks last time will sit up and take notice. (Teenage USA)