The Weekend Teaser

No surprises here, no tricky jabs out of leftfield, London, ON's reigning lords and ladies of new wave pop punk have simply spun another mini-wad of sugary melodies and jaw-breaking rock candy nuggets to gnash your teeth and bop to. Like all of life's simple pleasures, the goodness is rather temporary, and there is a limit to the gluttonous indulgence in non-exotic sweet pop fare that does little to challenge your taste buds - musings on the fate of '80s celebrities is about as deep as the subject matter goes here. Yet if you must have a nibble to appease the sweet tooth, it may as well be on something well done, which this is. The Teaser EP is a crispy snack that's full of solid, catchy and energetic tunes that sometimes stay with you but sometimes don't. These five cuts are mostly snipped from the same pop punk pattern and are threaded together with synth strings that are worn confidently and almost brashly. Apparently the Olsen twins have showcased the Weekend on their program; make what you'd like of that niblet of trivia. (Teenage USA)