"Walkaway" (video)

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Aug 23, 2017

After announcing their sophomore LP Wide Open at the top of the month, Weaves have shared another new song from the record.

Titled "Walkaway," the track is described by vocalist Jasmyn Burke as "a song about empowerment and finding light in the darkness." 

"This is a reflective song in tone and at the time I wrote it I was stuck in a moment of having to make a decision to stay or leave an unhealthy situation," Burke said in a statement. "It's okay to admit that we're vulnerable and having a hard time and sometimes you have to just walk away."

The track also arrives alongside a video, directed by guitarist Morgan Waters. As Burke explains, the clip was shot at the same time the band shot Wide Open's cover art, which was inspired by Michael Lehmann's 1988 film Heathers:

We shot the video and the album cover at the same time, and it makes sense to me to tie those images to this song, as, like a lot of this record it's about personal agency and finding your way in difficult times. There's this fire and destruction surrounding us on the cover, which was initially inspired by the scene in the movie Heathers where Winona Ryder's character stops her ex-boyfriend from setting off a bomb in the boiler room of the high school. She is covered in soot and blood, and she's smoking a cigarette, as she re-enters the school with a new found clarity -- she doesn't want to try and fit in or be perfect anymore. I like that sentiment.

Wide Open arrives October 6 via Kanine/Buzz/Memphis Industries. Watch the video for "Walkaway" in the player below. As previously reported, Weaves have a series of tour dates coming up, including several shows in Canada. You can see the complete schedule here.

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