Weary Boys Jumpin' Jolie

So many bands and so little time, but it’s so refreshing when a disc lands on your desk that is completely new and completely surprises you with its enticing rhythms, rich instrumentation and foot-stompin’ soul from a bygone era. That’s exactly what happened when these Austin, TX genre-defying dudes delivered their goods to my ears. A little swamp music mixed with a pinch of New Orleans gumbo and an ode to rockabilly thrown in for good measure, gives a taste of where these weary boys concoct in their musical kitchen. Hank Williams’s classic "Jambalaya” is spiced up and echoes of ole Hank’s ghost gleam on the edges of the song, while "Drink on it” is another standout track that showcases the emotive harmonies on a heart-wrenching bluegrass ballad. Later, "Baby’s Got a Hold on Me” feels like a cross between Chuck Berry and the Beach Boys — with early rock’n’roll confronting a Californian surfin’ soul. Throw in some foot stompin’ instrumentals, and Jumpin’ Jolie is a jubilant musical treat to savour over and over again. (Independent)