Weary Lawnya Vawnya, St. John's NL, May 25

Weary Lawnya Vawnya, St. John's NL, May 25
Photo: Matt Williams
A festival like Lawnya Vawnya is naturally conducive to feeling things: the ice cold late May snow on your face; warm about all the friendliness. Weary, in a slot that straddled the start of late night and the end of evening, are a perfect Lawnya Vawnya band. Their debut offering is titled Feeling Things, and the band played the tunes — comforting, atmospheric pop with a soft, almost lo-fi aesthetic that sometimes skirts gentle slacker rock — with, well, feeling.
Singer/songwriter Kate Lahey delivered some heartbreaker lines early on ("I don't want to love you anymore / You don't seem to see me like you did before"), backed by music matching the steely grey skies and lonesome, isolating weather St. John's is experiencing.
Lahey thanked a new person or group between almost every song, as her grandmother watched from the audience. She even offered a potential explanation for the sad-song-that-sounds-happy phenomenon: maybe it's just the best that most musicians can do when they want to write a happy song.
The band ended with the gorgeous, airy "Closer," a swaying stunner that sounds tailor-made for a thoughtful montage in a TV drama that you watch when you need to feel things. "Hold me closer in the morning than you do at night," Lahey repeated over and over as it swelled, the Rocket Room's collective heartstrings felt a major tug.

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