Weapon Drakonian Paradigm

Calgary, AB's Weapon should have discussed what they wanted to achieve prior to releasing Drakonian Paradigm. Are they going to concentrate on the music or is the music simply there as a backdrop to disseminate their satanic beliefs? Their first full-length seems to be targeted towards those who actually know what the hell "Jal Kali" means, and everyone else can go to Hell. However, just because the reviewer isn't up to speed on Satanism doesn't mean everyone else isn't. Weapon have spent some quality time formulating the lyrics, slightly less on composing music that doesn't fall into a black metal clichés and virtually no time on production. The production quality flattens everything, which is unfortunate on one hand, but on the other, Drakonian Paradigm does sound like Venom, circa 1985. Good, but there is no originality unless you want to focus on the lyrical content. (The Anja Offensive)