Lalo Schifrin's Terrifying, Unused 'Exorcist' Score to Get Unearthed via Waxwork

Lalo Schifrin's Terrifying, Unused 'Exorcist' Score to Get Unearthed via Waxwork
Sure to make film score junkies barf up pea-green soup in excitement, it's been revealed by horror hub Waxwork Records that the label will soon be issuing vinyl copies of composer Lalo Schifrin's unused score for The Exorcist.

Don't go polishing your dirty crucifixes just yet, as a release date is as yet unclear. The label did, however, confirm its arrival in a feature for Vanity Fair, which was mostly centred on the imprint's long-planned The Warriors soundtrack release. A due date for The Exorcist release, as well as details on coloured vinyl variations, is expected sometime further down the line.

Schifrin's intended score for the 1973 horror drama is infamous for being rejected by director William Friedkin and the Warner Bros. studio for being just too freaky to subject normal moviegoers to. The film studio had asked the composer to tone down his score. But according to behind-the-scenes Exorcist documentary The Fear of God: The Making of the Exorcist, Friedkin ended up throwing the tapes away.

"What happened is that the director, William Friedkin, hired me to write the music for the trailer, six minutes were recorded for the Warner's edition of the trailer," Schifrin had previously explained to Score Magazine [via Bloody Disgusting].

He added: "The people who saw the trailer reacted against the film, because the scenes were heavy and frightening, so most of them went to the toilet to vomit. The trailer was terrific, but the mix of those frightening scenes and my music, which was also a very difficult and heavy score, scared the audiences away."

You can sample the score via the then-banned film trailer down below, as well as via an audio-only player.

In related Waxwork news, the label is currently celebrating Friday the 13th by selling its recently pressed edition of Harry Manfredini's Friday the 13th Part 3 score for 13 percent off. If you order today, you can also nab yourself a Camp Crystal Lake Counselor embroidered patch. More info can be found over here.