Wavves / Little Girls / Ganglians / Tonstartssbandht Friendship Cove, Montreal, QC September 23

Wavves / Little Girls / Ganglians / Tonstartssbandht Friendship Cove, Montreal, QC September 23
To say the Wavves/Little Girls show at Montreal's Friendship Cove was degenerate may be an understatement, but it wouldn't be a rock show without some debauchery, right?

The opening slots for the night went to Montreal's own Tonstartssbandht, who, although resembling shirtless skinheads in appearance, played a solid set of wacky art-house pop punk. As a follow-up, Sacramento's neo-psychedelic bigwigs, Ganglians, had the crowd transfixed with their drawn-out distortion-heavy ballads supported by exotic percussion.

For Toronto's Little Girls, Josh McIntyre and Co. played a raucous set, withholding nothing in the way of energy and zeal from a generous audience. These guys play better in intimate spaces like the Friendship Cove, and the mixture of sweaty, thrashing bodies and woody acoustics resulted in an emotionally engaging set. They were met with cheers with their bass-y tune, "Last Call," and when it came time for their moody single "Tambourine," they played it hard, which inspired McIntyre to throw himself courageously into the aggressive crowd.

Still, it wouldn't be a Wavves show without some drama. As rumours circled that Wavves front-man and infamous alcoholic Nathan Williams would not play the show because of some managerial conflict, everyone stood awaiting imminent disappointment. Unfortunately, Williams does not have a compassionate track record when it comes to his fans.

Yet, in the nick of time, Williams and Hella drummer Zach Hill took the stage, throwing down their wailing lo-fi Cali-punk and literally rattling the venues walls. Although Williams presented an exuberant stage presence, Hill was an excellent addition to the Wavves live show, not only as a powerful and talented drummer, but as a blissful lunatic. These dudes as performers are physically out of sync, but musically together - a fact that hopefully makes them a lot of money so they can fix all of their post-show broken equipment.