Wavves "Way Too Much"

Wavves 'Way Too Much'
Photo: Rick Clifford
Wavves has been tweeting about having two albums due out this summer. We've already heard one of these in the form of his Cloud Nothings collaboration, and while the details of the second LP still haven't been announced, we can now hear a new song called "Way Too Much."

The track is classic Wavves, as a fuzzy punk surge provides the backdrop for sneering slacker lyrics about boredom, hangovers and nihilism. It isn't quite as psychedelic as some of his recent forays, but project leader Nathan Williams' knack for catchy pop-punk melodies remains as sharp as ever.

The song — which has previously appeared in live sets — emerged on Rdio. It can be streamed below, although you'll need an Rdio account to hear the entire thing. (If you don't have an account, you'll only hear 30 seconds.)

Williams has said that the next Wavves album will arrive in August. It remains to be seen whether "Way Too Much" will be on it.

Also today, we heard a new track from Williams' beat-centric side-project Sweet Valley. Their GZA collaboration "Planetary Energy" can be heard here.

Update: The song has now been released on SoundCloud and is embedded below.