Wau y Los Arrrghs!!! Viven!!!

And now for your enjoyment: a review written completely sarcastically. Wau Y Los Arrrghs!!!'s brand of garage punk is completely inspired and remains interesting from start to finish. Wau's vocals never pass the point of quirky to become amazingly annoying or obnoxiously abrasive. And the guttural screams and snorting transcend the language barrier, so you'll never need to wonder what he's actually talking about. The repetitive guitars and keyboards draw in the listener, while the simplistic drumming keeps this record lively and dynamic. And talk about substance! There's more substance here than you can shake a stick at. Yes, sir, this is a record that will inspire the masses to get out on the dance floor and shake their collective booty. This record is so worth your time. You should rush out and purchase this right now. (Munster)