Watchmaker Kill.Crush.Destroy

Titling your debut full-length Kill.Crush.Destory means one of two things: that you are a cartoon-ish metal band playing at mock violence, à la Gwar, or a raging kill-team of nihilistic misanthropes bent on musically obliterating all that sonically comes in contact with you, guilty and innocent alike. For the record, Watchmaker sounds nothing like Gwar. And their rather blasé moniker aside, there is nothing bland about Watchmaker either. Musically, Watchmaker is one of the most sonically violent and threatening entities to ever embark on a kill-crazy rampage. There is little that is subtle about Watchmaker’s assault, at times utterly distorted and barely controlled and intentionally veering into oncoming traffic. Watchmaker takes elements of black metal riffing, old school thrash, hardcore, power violence and noise, filters them through a blackened mindset and spits back the unrefined malevolence. Tracks such as "The Darkness of Mere Being,” "Broken by Refraction” and "Invert and Crush" are all chaos and savagery, easily demonstrating and adhering to Watchmaker’s mandate of "no allegiance, no cause. Motivation is destruction.” The most terrifying creatures are those with no agendas, whose malevolence and desire for destruction is primal, without reason, and musically Watchmaker is that beast: pure devastation with no remorse and no conscience. (Wonderdrug)