Watch Dua Lipa Shoot Guns and Fight John Cena in New 'Argylle' Trailer

Lipa joins Bryce Dallas Howard, Henry Cavill, Samuel L. Jackson, John Cena and more in the latest from Matthew Vaughn

BY Kaelen BellPublished Sep 28, 2023

It looks like Dua Lipa might be attempting a Lady Gaga — or a Janelle Monae, or a Cher if we really wanna go there — by parlaying her singing career into a career on the silver screen. After appearing briefly in Greta Gerwig's mega-blockbuster Barbie, Lipa will now be playing a bewigged spy in Matthew Vaughn's meta spy caper Argylle

Okay, so maybe this isn't quite the same as Lady Gaga's starring role in A Star Is Born, but still — supporting actress Dua Lipa! The new trailer for Argylle features the pop star flirting and dancing and firing guns, plus we get a glimpse of what might be a fight scene with John Cena? Time will tell.

The movie also stars Bryce Dallas Howard as an author whose stories start to merge with the film's reality, Henry Cavill as the titular Agent Argylle, Sam Rockwell, Samuel L. Jackson, Ariana DeBose, Bryan Cranston, Catherine O'Hara, Sofia Boutella and a cat called Chip (played by Claudia Schiffer's cat Alfie). 

The movie looks to have that high-saturation plasticky cartoonishness that Vaughn's films tend to have (obvious wigs included), so fans of The Kingsman will probably enjoy! Check out the trailer below.

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