Revival, Toronto ON, April 21

Photo: Lindsay Duncan

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Apr 22, 2017

Striding onstage in a Montreal Expos jersey and Quebec's provincial flag draped around his neck, Wasiu wasn't shy about representing his corner of the Canadian rap sphere, opening his set with a song in French. But for the majority of his time onstage, flanked by hype man Ghost and his DJ, it was a battle to keep the crowd in it.
Though the crowd was small, they were unable to feed off early energy of the MTLien's technically sound performance, demonstrating some razor focus through an unreleased grime-influenced track before rapping his was through "No Jumper," "1 Bad Bitch" and "Good Girl." His laid-back flows were left hung out to dry by Ghost not long after the partner was seen flailing about with abandon and letting out a scream into the mic, only to remain relatively silent moving forward.
Looking to rebound after some tech issues knocked out an instrumental, the two found a higher gear in smashing through "Outer Space," in which a well-timed leap from the monitor from Ghost turned into a three-foot flop to the floor that shocked the crowd more than energized them. In laughing it off, the two then powered up to run through "Blkkkout," putting the recording to shame with a power they had finally tapped into.

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