Wampire "Giants" (video)

Wampire 'Giants' (video)
You know, relationships can be tough and are just filled with ups and downs. At the drop of a hat, a smiley experience sharing a drink with someone special can easily escalate into a shouting match. We kind of get the feeling that there are some complexities to the unstable pair shown in Portland indie-pop outfit Wampire's new video for their Curiosity LP's "Giants," but we're going to have to rewind this one a few times before we get an idea of what's up.

Here, we have a hirsute fella taking the lessons he learned in primal scream therapy class with him all damn day, screaming his head off while either whamming on drums or getting driven around town by his gal pal. She seems happier while dancing solo on a sandy beach, but the pair's lives seem to be inextricably linked in the long run. The dancy tune's chorus of "I never seem to get what I need" runs a little sad because of this.

"The concept for the video was simple: a guy with no shirt on is yelling at a girl," director David Fine said in a statement. "Surrounding that simple idea we created a story about a relationship in peril. I hope it's funny and a bit disturbing."

You can peep the character study down below.