Walls Prep Kompakt Debut for Spring Release

Walls Prep Kompakt Debut for Spring Release
Hotly tipped electronic post-rock duo Walls have recently signed with minimal techno powerhouse Kompakt. Not to be confused with the noisy hardcore band of the same name, this Walls is a duo comprised of Alessia Natalizia, who also performs as Banjo or Freakout, and Sam Willis, of the blog and DJ collective allez-allez.

 Previously making a name for themselves with their remix of the Field's "Leave It" and more recently Pantha Du Prince's Panda Bear jam "Stick to My Side," Walls have come together to record their self-titled debut. In a press release, Willis described their influences, saying, "We're particularly influenced by artists such as Neu! and Harmonia - Michael Rother's guitar work, and Moebius and Roedelius's synth work really pushes boundaries yet remains melodic and euphoric. It's easy to make noisy and difficult music, what's harder, and feels natural to us is to make music that skates along the edges - melodic, but with a sense of sadness, hope and euphoria at the same time."

Walls will be released by Kompakt on April 26. Some demos and remix work can be heard over at the band's MySpace page


1. "Burnt Sienna"

2. "Hang Four"

3. "A Virus Waits!"

4. "Cylopean Remains"

5. "Soft Cover People"

6. "Strawberry Sect"

7. "Gaberdine"

8. "Austerlitz Wide Open"