Walk Off The Earth My Rock

Everyone loves a good stoner band, which is why Walk Off The Earth's sophomore album, My Rock, warrants some serious summer spin time. Their smooth reggae music is perfectly chill and collected, best suited for party campfires and backyard barbeques. It's a much stronger effort than their debut, Smooth Like A Stone On The Beach, which was packed with memorable tracks but not the star power of this release. My Rock finds the band moving in a more imaginative and solid direction, where the reggae is balanced with soothing melodies, smart lyrics and tangy guitars. "Money Tree" best emphasizes their harmonious side, "Julia" and the re-recorded "Broke" show off their penchant for summer beats, and their cover of Treble Charger's "Red" shows their ability to take something beautiful and add their flavour. This is definitely a record to bring to the cottage this summer. (SlapDash)