Waco Brothers Electric Waco Chair

While Jon Langford's main band, the Mekons, have been dabbling in country since the mid-'80s, they never quite hit the mark. The Mekons best material was always the more rock stuff. I always thought they were a little off the mark with the honky tonk. The same cannot be said for Langford's other band, however. The Waco Brothers have been making some really high quality rocking country music for quite a while now, and Electric Waco Chair may be the best yet. Led by Langford's remarkable voice, this current incarnation of the band (which also features a former member of KMFDM on pedal steel guitar, if you can believe it) really hits the spot. Straddling the line between country and rock music, much the same way Billy Bragg's collaborations with Wilco did, the band cut the rug on 13 songs that'll make you smile ear to ear. "Make Things Happen" would be a number one hit across the boards if this world was a better place. (Bloodshot)