Vulcano Tales from the Black Book

Raw Brazilian blackened death sounds good right about now, and Vulcano, who apparently formed in '81 and had a ten-year break somewhere in there, fill that need. Occupying the mental space between Blasphemy and Toxodeth, this sloppy piece of crap hits the spot. "From the Black Metal Book" (seriously) has some slower, Slayer-esque riffing but the record — confusingly released in 2004 originally and re-released in 2007 in a seven-inch sleeve package — generally races past, seriously sloppy but not in the maniacal and bestial underground death metal sense, more in a confused, clueless fashion that's extremely likable. Thrash like the noisiest Sodom but death like the shittiest Hellhammer, Vulcano are cult to the end. Noisy, ludicrous and perfectly acceptable, let's hope Vulcano never clean up their act. (I Hate)