Vladislav Delay Releases New Album for Raster-Noton

Vladislav Delay Releases New Album for Raster-Noton
Finnish electronic great Sasu Ripatti is one of those producers who never slows down, maintaining a busy release schedule under a number of different monikers. He's most famous for Vladislav Delay, and already visited the project in 2011 with the release of the Vladislav Delay Quartet's self-titled debut. But wait, there's more -- Vladislav Delay has returned with a solo album.

The release is called Vantaa, and marks the tenth solo album from the project. The record is also Delay's first release for the Raster-Noton imprint, though a press release promises that it's "the beginning of a long lasting collaboration which will extend and deepen the spectrum of the label."

Vantaa was released today (November 28) via Raster-Noton. The tracklisting is available below.


1. "Luotasi"
2. "Henki"
3. "Lipite"
4. "Narri"
5. "Vantaa"
6. "Lauma"
7. "Levite"