Vladislav Delay Returns with 'Kuopio'

Vladislav Delay Returns with 'Kuopio'
Last year, Finnish electronic dude Sasu Ripatti released his first Vladislav Delay album for Raster-Noton with the excellent Vantaa LP. Now, like clockwork, he's prepared another full-length platter.

The new record is called Kuopio, and a press release indicates that the album will "allow the listener to dive into delay's cosmos of deep and likewise organic sounds. Subtle yet complex electronic manipulations are used, resulting in a high degree of variation within every single track and a nearly imperceptible intensification of their density."

Raster-Noton will release Kuopio on November 26. While we don't have any full tracks to share just yet, a four-minute sampler of the full album is available to stream below.


1. Vastaa
2. Hetkonen
3. Avanne
4. Kellute
5. Osottava
6. Kulkee
7. Marsila
8. Hitto
9. Kuuluuko