Vivian Girls Name New Album Share the Joy, Reveal Upcoming Side Projects

Vivian Girls Name New Album <i>Share the Joy</i>, Reveal Upcoming Side Projects
Love them or hate them, there's no question that the Vivian Girls are one of the hardest working buzz bands today. Despite no shortage of drummer issues, the band continue to tour endlessly and release new music regularly. Somehow, they keep getting busier and busier, with a total of four side projects and a new album planned for the near future.

In a new interview with Verbicide, guitarist Cassie Ramone and bassist Katy Goodman revealed that their new album is currently in the mixing and overdub stage, and that they've moved on from In the Red to a new (likely larger) label. They won't reveal which label as of yet, but the girls did announce that the new album is called Share the Joy.

Ramone said that, while they're essentially the same band, the new album will see some sonic developments as she's embraced the studio a little more. "In the past I was reluctant to add guitar overdubs just because I didn't want it to sound way emptier live than on record, and it's hard as a punk three-piece like we are, so I would never really insert a guitar solo over rhythm guitar," she admitted. "I have done that so rarely in the past, but I think we're probably going to do a little more of that on this next album. We're probably going to put in some organ."

In addition to the full-length, Ramone and Goodman have a variety of new projects on the way. As previously reported, Goodman's solo record under the name La Sera will be released on Hardly Art this fall while she remains active with her All Saints Day group. In addition to that, Ramone has a solo record called Zenith planned for In the Red, as well as a full-length from her band the Babies.

Update: Pitchfork now confirms that Share the Joy will be coming out next spring via Polyvinyl.