Vivian Girls Create Their Own 'Choose Your Own Adventure'-Style Game

Vivian Girls Create Their Own 'Choose Your Own Adventure'-Style Game
Remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books that you used to read as a kid? If so, then you might be pretty excited to learn that Vivian Girls have rolled out their own simple reader-controlled story called The Vivian Girls Text Based Adventure Fun Time Game.

The digital game was made by bassist Katy Goodman, who explained on her website that she created it as a way to practise the computer programming language Ruby. The game centres on Vivian Girls looking for a tour manager and asks users to run errands for the fuzz pop band.

But be warned: if you don't comply, you'll get fired with game-ending messages like "Get the fuck out of here. We hate you." Ouch!

Download the game and get instructions for how to play it over here. The instructions are for Mac OSX, and Katy is not entirely sure how to get it running on a PC.

Meanwhile, Goodman is releasing an album with her project La Sera and Vivian Girls singer/guitar Cassie Ramone is keeping busy with the Babies. There's no word as to when Vivian Girls intend to follow up last year's Share the Joy.