Vitaminsforyou I'm Sorry Forever and For Always

Quebec-based Mitchell Akiyama's Intr_Version label has traditionally housed music that falls quite strictly within the techno genre, so it is an interesting surprise to witness Akiyama's newest addition to the label — the wistful and at times elliptical indie pop of Vitaminsforyou. The Montreal musician's debut effort isn't quite electronic overdubs, samples and loops, nor is it entirely a straightforward pop album of acoustic outtakes, as in "Quand Peanut Fait Dodo," which manages to sit snugly between both approaches. The album is a kind of trail mix treat of field recordings, tinkling atmospheric sounds and simple looping melodies that work towards producing a lulling effect. The insertion of his vocals in unexpected places, quite often surfacing through a sheen of distorted radio crackling effects, gives the material more depth and heart. What linger long after the record comes to a close are the tracks "Écologie + histoire" (part two, part three and part four). Part four at the tail-end of the album uses the title "I'm Sorry Forever And For Always" as its centre, building a mood around the simplicity and fragility of the sentiment. After such an evocative song, "Churchill" seems a tad too jaunty and peppy as a closing number. But thankfully "I'm Sorry Forever and For Always" closes with an untitled, unidentified 12th track — a 16-minute experiment of tinkering bells with sweeping lyrics and bright acoustic guitar. Think of what might have happened if noise-pop outfit the Swirlies decided to fiddle around with electronica: Vitaminsforyou reaches a little for that effect. He hasn't quite touched it yet, but it is a good start. (intr_version)