Vision of Disorder For The Bleeders

After their mediocre debut that showed only potential, and their subsequent drop from Roadrunner after their second release (Imprint) showed vast maturity and improvement, it is refreshing to see Vision of Disorder resurface with For The Bleeders. For The Bleeders showcases just how restrictive being on a label like Roadrunner was for VOD, as For The Bleeders is made up of older demo material (with three tracks given a ’99 makeover) that sounds as good, if not better, than anything on VOD’s previous releases. Not sounding dated in the least, For The Bleeders is full of the energetic metal/hardcore that VOD has made their name with, but it is somewhat surprising that the tracks so strong, considering what a lackluster, unemotional mess their debut was. Regardless, fans can rejoice knowing that VOD has not broken up, but have returned with an album that does nothing but reaffirm VOD’s place in the underground. (Go-Kart)