Virginie B Embodies the Divine Feminine on "Madone"

Photo: Andy Jon

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Feb 28, 2024

Recent Bonsound signee Virginie B has unveiled her first single for the label. "Madone" sees the Montreal songwriter turn to hyperpop, making for a syrupy track peaking from a caffeine rush.

As she laughs and sighs over the song's main lick, a new-wave-inspired bass absolutely goes. Dulled alarms erupt, and springing, tinny synths emulate a quick-paced game of Pong. It's more an indie-pop track inspired by hyperpop than it is the other way around, making for a seamless transition for Virginie B.

The music video for "Madone" shows Virginie B as four different feminine archetypes: the undesirable, the tortuous, the strong and the hyper-feminine. It was directed by Rosalie Bordeleau, and the costumes are immaculate. Watch it below. 

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