Vinicius Cantuaria Cymbals

Multi-instrumentalist/singer/composer Vinicius Cantuaria has long crafted a stellar reputation, both in his native Brazil and on the international stage, with his crisp, vibrant blend of bossa nova, jazz and classical elements. It’s a fusion he continues on his latest disc, Cymbals, its name revealing the album’s most notable percussive element. Handling the majority of the record’s instruments himself, Cantuaria’s subtle hand can be found on the delicate guitars, warm bumbo drums and other myriad rhythmic instruments that add colour and atmosphere to the set. Backed by an equally reserved mixture of light piano (played by Brad Mehldau), horns and cello, the Brazilian draws from a sonic collage of his homeland’s many styles to form a backdrop to the substantive longing that makes up the poetic lyrics of this now seemingly divided New Yorker. From the quant African rhythms of opener "Galope” through to the stripped-down bossa of Jobim’s classic "Vivo Sonhando” and onto the reverberating "O Batuque,” Cymbals offers another inspired showcase of Cantuaria’s seasoned musicianship. (Naïve)